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역시 사진발 최강의 기요미즈데라 라이트업. #교토 #일본여행 #기요미즈데라 #야경 by taeyangs // via Instagram

She’s not prettier than you
She’s not thinner than you
She’s not funnier than you
She’s not smarter than you

Even if she was,
Don’t waste your time
On a boy who thinks
You’re not perfect

You are perfect
And one day someone
Will tell you that each night
Before you fall asleep

Until then live
Live for yourself
Live for your friends
Live for your family

The right person will come along
And he won’t see any flaws
When he looks into your eyes
Just the girl of his dreams.

Reality - wineandtobacco (via wineandtobacco)
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